Santus Circus started touring in the U.K from well over 25 years ago now bringing fun and laughter to a variety of audiences around the country during that time.The circus is run by the Santus Family whom have originated from the south of France where they have been doing Circus inside and outside the sawdust ring for 5 generations now.

Santus Circus happily returns for its 2021 UK tour, an all new show with exhilarating acts from around the world!

From Portugal, the Nare family, with the extremely dangerous and insane physics of the "Globe of Death"! Dont try it at home dads!

Also returning from Portugal, with the "Wheel of Death" and  the amazing, scary talents with the crossbows, the Silva Family!Not to be missed (pun intended)

Also returning by popular demand is our Mongolian Slinky,Aagii, who also brings for the first time to the UK, a new and exhilarating aerial pole act that will have you all watching in awe at this very versatile and professional performer

An extremely SUPER TRADITIONAL SHOW we have lined up for our 2020 season production, with so much more to see from across the globe and homegrown British artistes, you would be mad to miss out on the best show to tour the UK!


Returning for 2020 and with their 20 years experience in clowning is our dastardly Duo - Lucien and Sacha Santus!Be warned they pull out members of the public regularly and are sure to leave you in stitches!